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BIM | Real Estate Asset and Property Management offers its clients customized management encompassing the following services: property accounting, investment optimization, asset, and financial management, insurance, and claims management. We are proud to provide simple, efficient, and transparent administration.

We specialize in optimizing the returns of your investments in real property in the United States. Our mission is to simplify your life through proactive management.

We offer personalized and tailored services to two different client profiles. We advise families on estate and inheritance issues by assessing and managing real estate holdings, revenue optimization, and fiscal guidance. For individual investors we provide proactive management solutions to optimize their real estate investment.

In addition, clients can take advantage of our comprehensive approach, encompassing the oversight of stakeholders like banks, developers, public authorities, insurance companies, real estate agents, and investment companies.

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New York - Miami

            We’re here to make it easy and profitable to own rental property by focusing on the people involved and not just the buildings. Sure properties require maintenance, so we take a proactive approach and are well equipped to handle that, but it is as well a people business. If your rental is a business, then tenants are your customers, and how businesses treat their customers makes all the difference in the world. 

Like you, we have owned rental property, and know that it can be challenging at times. We understand that uncertainties can cause anxiety and we realize the trust that’s involved with handling over such an important asset. Whether you own a single condo, a large portfolio or a secondary home, our first goal is to listen and understand your situation, so we can provide a comprehensive solution for you to be successful in your real estate goals.

Property Management
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